Final Score: Leo 0, El Que Dirán 200

You might be wondering why I’m posting this (on the biggest day of the year in online poker) instead of doing stuff like concentrating on the MTTs I’m currently playing.  It’s the lesser of two evils, I assure you.  Anyway, from now on I will no longer have a public blog or twitter account.  Apparently what I say is too salacious, embarrassing, and downright dangerous to remain on the internet.  In fact, my words may have literally* given someone I know cancer.  I guess Eminem was right when he said “words are a motherfucker,”  huh?  I wonder what Dr. House would think of this novel “words leaping off the screen and metastasizing inside people’s bodies” theory?

* “I would say something cutting about how words cannot cause cancer, but as you can see my mouth has been bandaged shut.”

Anyway, it’s been nice occasionally speaking to you internet folk via this blog; if you want to speak to me in private, you can probably figure out how.  Bye for now.