Profile: JCarver

Accomplishments: won the UB 200k (TWICE!), the FT sunday (TWICE!) for $200k and $100k, etc, but I really just wanna win ec10’s love I’m currently 4th for the 2008 Cardplayer OPOY, but that’ll swing to “unranked” by the time I post this. I have also flown in an air vehicle.

Bio:I used to go to school, til I decided I enjoyed being hit in the face and losing money more. Now I don’t get hit in the face too much but I still enjoy losing money. I also enjoy roleplaying a pregnant woman during recess and playing hot potato with an iron with Tommy and Hein.

Favorite war cry: “Hello, I am PDK, nice to eat you.”

Favorite fighters: Georges St. Pierre, Randy Couture, chiyochan’s energy drink flooded kidneys

Favorite punching bag: Nachos24’s spirit