Importance of Active Release Therapy

When experiencing pain from a sports injury or as a result of working from your desk all day long, you may be tempted to assume it, expecting it to heal on its own. As a result, you are forced to make some adjustments in your life so that your muscles won’t hurt.

The good news, however, is that you can treat pain from overuse injuries using various techniques such as Active Release Therapy, which is also referred to as Active Release Technique (ART). This is, in fact, one of the increasingly popular methods of treatment in sports rehab and physical therapy.  

It’s a creative technique used by chiropractors to treat a patient’s soft tissue system using massage that targets the body’s ligaments, nerves, muscles, fascia, and tendons. The best thing about using ART is that it delivers quick, effective, and permanent results. Active release techniques are associated with various benefits, as discussed below:

1. It alleviates pain all over the entire body

Injuries are associated with a painful experience, no doubt about that. For athletes, getting injured is almost part of the training process, as it makes their bodies stronger through muscle development. Overuse, however, causes pain in various parts of the body.

Luckily, chiropractors use ART to reduce adhesions in the body, hence relieve neck pains, lower back pains, and other similar symptoms. ART, as a natural pain-relieving method, focuses on breaking up scar tissue and releasing the compressed nerves. 

Other than achieving treatment without the use of prescription painkillers, this technique offers a safe and non-invasive way to get rid of the worst of sports injuries. 

2. Improves range of motion 

If one has a sedentary lifestyle, their tendons, muscles, and ligaments become less flexible, making them experience difficulty in performing various physical activities. 

Luckily, chiropractor doctors can use ART to fix this issue quickly and efficiently through muscle targeting. The result is enhanced flexibility and power. 

3. treats joint conditions

ART can as well be used in treating joint problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint conditions, while also reducing pain in the patient’s body. This is usually as a result of clearing our adhesions and scar tissue. 

4. Enhances flexibility

Flexibility is not useful for gymnasts only. Increased flexibility results in agility, hence the ability to achieve more.  ART can as well be used to reduce adhesions in the legs, hamstrings, and other major muscle groups, enhancing the relaxation of these muscles. By seeking the service of chiropractors, athletes can gain a lot, including increased performance. 

5. Prevents scar tissue from forming

After an injury, the natural process of tissue cells connectivity often gets ruined. If this happens, tissue cells don’t regenerate and reorganize as expected, and this can cause adhesions and scarring. The good news is that Active Release Therapy from chiropractic clinic can encourage regeneration and collagen synthesis by soothing tissue cells. 

6. Helps in preventing additional injuries

One of the most important benefits of ART is that it promotes quicker muscle recovery. By reducing tightness in the muscles and joints, one is by far less likely to experience accidents such as slips and falls. For an athlete, this is a desirable outcome, as it means that they won’t encounter any downtime. 

7. Improves blood circulation 

ART has also been known to encourage a better flow of blood throughout the body. This is in addition to promoting the draining of fluids such as lymphatic fluid away from the injury, which reduces inflammation and swelling. The overall effect of the draining and other benefits is that the body can heal itself naturally.

8. Can be used against headaches as well

Headaches are super annoying and can cause serious discomfort, which inhibits one’s chances of doing various things, even something as simple as having a conversation. 

If one has an active lifestyle with a lot of stressful activities to deal with, it’s almost a guarantee that they will experience headaches more often. That’s should not be much of a problem, however, since chiropractic doctors use ART to treat chronic headaches and similar issues.  

In Conclusion, 

The above are some of the most common benefits of getting active release therapy from Calgary chiropractors. To get the best results from ART, an examination should precede treatment. By using an approach, the chiropractor or therapist is able to put more focus on the problematic areas. All in all, Active Release Therapy has a ton of benefits, not only in the treatment of injuries but also in general wellbeing and enhancing a better mood.