Strategy blog forthcoming

I’ve cleared a lot of old posts and I’m going to be making this a SNG strategy blog in the future.  I’ll be going over a lot of stuff related to SNGs, ICM, and plenty of theory.   A lot of it will probably be the same type of stuff I go over on my “Strategy Grab Bag” series on Poker VT and if I come up with something new and interesting then you’ll probably hear about it first if you’re a member there.

Here’s a recap of some of my prior strategy posts:

  • Probability and outs
  • Should you ever fold aces?
  • A few truths about double-or-nothing SNGs
  • SNG calculations and edge

And a few other useful posts:

  • Laptop buying guide for poker players
  • Security for the online poker player
  • Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker

My future strategy posts will be probably a lot more specific and with a lot more detail than the ones I’ve written before.

Lastly, I’m updating my twitter account more, so be sure to follow me there for updates.